@Patterns Industrial Co.,LTD. was founded in 1975. When we started, it was our marketing strategy to focus on lady's hosiery during the time when the domestic demands dominated the market. Due to that management style, Patterns successfully grew at a rapid and steady pace.
@In 1984 we enlarged our operating scope and upgraded our product's quality by acquiring a new plant and new equipment. Also, a full scale computer controlled production facility was installed to ensure utmost efficiency.
@In 1995, we were exclusively authorized by Du PONT to manufacture and market legwear in Taiwan using LYCRA 3D. This authorization has allowed us to expand our horizon and launch a series of unique products on hosiery & lingerie that are both fashionable and comfortable.
@It is our continuing aim to provide hi-tech & functional lady's hosiery & lingerie to .global market. Our management philosophy, which embodies advanced technical skills as well as respect for art, is dedicated to this aim.